1. Sign Up.
To be able to call an expert on Billionaire, you'll need to sign up as a member. It's completely free. As soon as you're done completing your profile, you can start searching our global community of thousands of experts to make your first call request with.

2.Schedule a Call
After you've found your expert, you can make a call request by clicking "Message" on their Profile page.
Reason For Call: Be specific about the problem you're facing and less about your business and background.

Cell Number: Expert need to share your phone number or use our platform to make a call.We advise requesting the call well in advance to allow ample time for the expert to reply.

Keep in mind that experts are busy professionals and may need some time to fit you into their schedule.

When you are ready to make a call you must make a payment for the service specified.

Minute rates are indicated on the expert profile page under the More info Hourly Rate section:You can make a great payment by going to following link
you can use the drop-down menu on your profile and use the item you can then go to

Wallet & Credits for advertising

1.Add funds
you can make a payment via paypal or you can contact the Technical Support service for a private transaction on your account.

2.Send money
You can use this option when you want to pay your services to an expert for a certain amount go to Amount enter the agreed amount after that go to To who you want to send?
and enter the correct username or email of the expert.After that go to continue.
Make sure your account is down by the amount you have submitted. If you have a problem with the transaction you can contact on the Technical Support profile or on contact us